Car Care Products

  • Car Protectant

    Car Protectant

    Feature  a) XYS CAR PROTECTANT renews color and shine of vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. b) XYS CAR PROTECTANT protects against the damaging UV rays. c) Its high performance formula guards against dulling, fading and cracking. d) Leaves no oily residue. Long lasting...Read More
  • Best Synthetic Oil

    Best Synthetic Oil

    Feature a) First1 Total synthetic engine oil is made of High polymer Ester Polyol ester + total synthetic base oil, Cooperating with high efficiency clean dispersant, Adding unique anti-wear additives, The protection film can be formed on the surface of the engine assembly,...Read More
  • Chamois Car Cloth

    Chamois Car Cloth

    Feature 1) MULTI PURPOSE - Vehicle Synthetic Cleaning Chamois is with hygienic plastic container; can be utilized for Gym Workouts & other Sporting Activities: perfect for House Cleaning, Washing dishes, Drying Car, Cosmetics and so much more. 2)SUPERIOR QUALITY -  Wicks...Read More
  • Chamois Leather

    Chamois Leather

    Feature 1)Glides easily with both side smooth. 2)Super absorption, quick dry. 3)One wipe without streaks free, leave no dirt. 4)Duration is up to ten times longer than ordinary cloth. 5)Soft touch skin with effect. 6)Any Logo we can make it for you 7)Used in...Read More
  • Synthetic Engine Oil

    Synthetic Engine Oil

    a)It offers ultimate fluidity at lower temperature thus the engine can perform equally well under different conditions.
    b)Engine is able to give maximum output due to excellent thermal and oxidation stability of the oil.
    c)It offers good...
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  • Auto Protectant Spray

    Auto Protectant Spray

    1) Is a unique polymer silicone formula penetrates and bonds to surface to protect and beutify vinyl, rubber, plastic and finished leather.
    2) Helps protect surface from fading and cracking by reducing...
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  • Best Motorcycle Engine Oil

    Best Motorcycle Engine Oil

    a)Consistent power due to reduced frictional losses
    b)Overall optimized balance of engine performance and fuel economy
    c)Fluid film protection at all operating temperatures minimizing deposit formation especially at the high operating...
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  • Best Gas Treatment

    Best Gas Treatment

    1)It has functions of cleaning, restoring, dispersing and protecting.
    2)It is used for protect and repair fuel system of gasoline engine.
    3)Can reduce the erosion and wear of engine parts to save fuel, enhance engine power, improve engine...
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  • Best Octane Booster

    Best Octane Booster

    1)Formulated to stop knocking caused by low octane fuel.
    2)Be used in both leaded and unleaded gasoline. Special additives increase octaneand clean fuel system.
    3) It does not contain alcohol and is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen...
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  • Best Car Wax

    Best Car Wax

    a)This is a product with overall updated formula, rich in natural carnauba wax, polymer and unique element of crystal coating.
    b)Once used, it make the paintwork keep the state of high gloss, and effect of deep moisture, brightness, and long...
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  • Chrome Paint Best

    Chrome Paint Best

    Chrome paint best Chrome paint best specification The usage of chrome paint best 1. Clean surface thorough ly and remove all dirt . 2. Shake the can for 1-2 minutes before spraying . 3. Hold the can 20-30cm from the surface to be spray ed,and press the button vigorously. Our...Read More
  • Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

    a) Quickly remove blockages and fouling
    b) Restore engine horsepower and save gas loss
    c) Improve the performance of gasoline, reducing fuel consumption
    d) The vehicle running smoothly
    e) Improve the cold start performance Read More
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