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About the gel car perfume
- Oct 17, 2018 -

    Gel car perfume we mainly use semi-solid or viscous liquids,insoluble in water but almost all dissolved in ethanol; only partially soluble in a hydrocarbon solvents.When only a small amount of gel car perfume is left, the color will become thicker and turbid, and a little ethanol can be added to dilute the color.


    We can put the gel car perfume in the car, on the table, counter, wardrobe, bathroom and other places, not only remove the odor, air purification, can also play a decorative effect.


    Gel car perfume should be placed in a moderate temperature environment to avoid direct sunlight.The temperature is too high, the balmy composition inside perfume can accelerate oxidize, decompose, and when the temperature is too low, can precipitate out crystalline flavor, accordingly, want to keep in the place that temperature changes little.