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Advice on the selection of fragrances for car perfumes
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The aroma of car perfume should make the user feel comfortable. If the taste is too sweet and too sweet, it will feel tired and even irritate the nose and eyes, indicating that it has quality problems or improper use. If the window is closed, the perfume hangs on the air outlet to help it evaporate quickly. The strong smell is unfavorable to the human body and can make people feel annoyed.

Perfume containing harmful substances is generally very sweet and sweet, and it is particularly uncomfortable to smell for a long time. Individual inferior perfumes contain formaldehyde, which is not an air freshener but a source of pollution.

Car perfumes that are not genuinely priced are generally simple and rough. The perfume ingredients, instructions for use and date of manufacture are unknown, and there is no formal production license number and certification mark from the quality supervision department.

Most of the inferior car perfumes look like a simple bottle of perfume, and many high-quality perfumes have other functions, such as with a thermometer, with a clock, with lighting.

Vegetable essential oils have gradually become the mainstream of car perfumes. If you apply them somewhere, the aroma will last for a long time, but the low-quality perfumes with alcohol will lose their fragrance after two or three hours.

The perfume in the car should not be too strong, so it will only mix with the musty smell for a more unpleasant taste. Therefore, it is best to use a neutral, lighter fragrance in the summer. For those who drive for a long time, consider choosing a refreshing mint flavor. Buying car perfumes Most car owners pay attention to the appearance and fragrance when choosing car perfumes, and rarely notice the quality of the perfume and its impact on the body. Due to the high alcohol and ethanol content of inferior car perfumes, the fragrance is too rich, which makes people feel dizzy and other discomfort, which makes the car owner exhausted and affects safe driving.