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Analysis of car care products
- Sep 23, 2018 -

In-vehicle care refers to the cleaning and maintenance of machine parts inside the car. The products are classified into antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, lubricating oil, additives, etc., which protect the engine.


Lubricating oil additives in automotive care products generally fall into five broad categories, namely detergents, dispersants, viscosity index improvers, antiwear agents, and antioxidants.

For automotive interior care, low cost, low technology, and low profit are the basic characteristics of this industry, so in 2000 this industry entered a large number of businesses. In 2004, the industry experienced a major turmoil, from the initial development to the upgrade phase. Automotive exterior care, also known as car beauty. “Car Beauty” means “car beauty” and “car care” in English, which includes the meaning of beauty and maintenance, mainly including car surface beauty (car cleaning, removal of oil stains, waxing of new cars, waxing of old cars, plating Refurbishment and tire retreading), car decoration beauty (car room beauty care, engine beauty care and luggage cleaning), lacquer beauty (paint finish treatment, paint scratch treatment and painting), car protection (paste explosion-proof sun Membrane, installation of anti-theft device, installation of voice alarm system and installation of electrostatic discharger) and automotive products (car perfume, car room purification, decorative stickers and various cushions) and other five aspects.


 Car beauty products include: Waterproof car wax. Diamond long-lasting wax. Advanced soft wax. Polished bright wax. Car tire foam brightener. Car polishing spray wax. Lemon Belle. Tar, asphalt cleaner. Color reducing agent. Crystal wax , crystal bright glaze and other beauty products