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Automobile painting process
- Jan 14, 2019 -

1. Clean up: When you implement each process, you must have clean and no impurities. The cleaning process is also the first step in automotive painting, with a clean and tidy surface for the next process to be perfect;

2, grinding: This process is to make the surface neat, to prevent the appearance of obvious bumps in the process of painting, thus affecting the appearance. If the surface is too smooth, it needs to be sanded with No. 600 sandpaper. It has a certain roughness to facilitate the adhesion of the paint, so that the paint is not easy to fall.

3, painting process: professional spray gun can be purchased, in the process of painting to cover the intact place to avoid paint splashes and cause new and old dyeing. Spray paint about 20 cm from the spray position, and then spray it. When spraying the second time, the interval should not be less than 10 minutes. After the paint is dry, spray it again to avoid sag. Finally, the process of polishing the paint cycle is completed until the effect is achieved.