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car accessories
- May 14, 2018 -

Nowadays, private cars enter millions of households, and car accessories are heating up. Many car owners (especially female owners) spend hundreds, thousands, or even more money to decorate their cars. Many car owners have changed their minds from wanting to own a car to having a beautiful, personalized car. Car decoration is like home decoration, it is an inevitable process in the process of car use and development. In the past, decorations were a luxury, but as the number of cars increased, car accessories went from behind the scenes to the front desk.

Automotive interiors mainly include the following subsystems: car mats, dashboard systems, sub-dashboard systems, door trim systems, roof systems, seat systems, pillar guard systems, and other cab interiors, cab air Circulatory system, trunk internals system, engine compartment internals system, carpets, seat belts, airbags, steering wheel, and interior lighting, interior acoustics, etc.

In addition to various internal components, many people also like to buy some perfumes, cups, cushions, pendant lights, a variety of exquisite small jewelry to decorate their own car, reflecting the owner's personality and taste, to bring a safe and comfortable for the owner , but also to create a warm and romantic. These trinkets are also part of the interior of the car. This shows that the types of automotive interiors are very rich, with cartoon accessories, car interiors, exteriors, cleaning and care products, and automotive appliances.