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Car care car wax category
- Jan 27, 2019 -

1. Decontamination wax Features: It has the functions of decontamination, rust removal, anti-scaling and keeping bright, and restores the bright color of paint surface and metal. How to use: Apply to the surface of unclean appliances. Scope of application: car body. Note: Do not use when the car is warm.

2, bright wax Features: long-lasting, stable quality (including bright colors). A protective film is formed on the paint surface to prevent oxidation, acid etching and rain erosion, so that the paint surface is not sticky. How to use: Apply to the body surface. If the paint surface is sticky, remove the dirt with “decontamination wax” and then apply the product. Scope of application: car body and various metal products. Note: Do not use when the car is warm.

3, protective wax Features: remove oil, tar, prevent rust, can produce a stable, waterproof protective film. How to use: Wash the car and dry it. Shake the jar before use and spray it evenly on the part that needs protection. Scope of application: the surface and groove of the car. Note: Do not use on the paint surface based on tung oil.

4. Mirror wax Features: A high performance care natural wax containing Brazilian palm and polycarbonate. It has strong penetrating power to the lacquer surface, and the gloss is like a mirror. It can last for a long time and can effectively treat the car paint surface. How to use: Apply to the body paint, hand wax and machine wax. Scope of application: It is suitable for the lacquer finish after the renovation of new and old cars.

5, anti-static wax Features: A spray-type glazing care wax, can prevent static electricity generated on the paint surface, to minimize the adsorption of static electricity on dust and oil. How to use: Apply to body paint. Scope of application: Suitable for automotive paint, leather, plastic and chrome surfaces.

 6, color wax Features: divided into red, blue, green, gray and black and other five colors, that is, polished, saving time and effort. Different colors of the car use the corresponding color of wax to modify the paint surface to cover small and slight scratches. How to use: Apply to the body surface. Scope of application: suitable for all kinds of automotive paint

7. Chassis protection wax Features: Suitable for paint, rubber, plastic and PVC paint. It can prevent the corrosion of the chassis and the collision of gravel for a long time. It can prevent the change of surface color and achieve the effect of sound insulation and rust prevention.


How to use: Wash the chassis before use and remove the rust with a steel brush until it is completely clean and rust-free. Shake the jar vigorously before use to allow the internal chemicals to mix thoroughly. 294785 kPa of compressed air is required for use. Note: This product is flammable. Care should be taken to protect the eyes, skin and respiratory system during use. Do not spray on the exhaust, brakes and vibration-reducing springs. Dilute with alcohol when using.