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Car Care Products Category
- Jun 11, 2018 -
  1. Mainly vehicle appearance products. Clean the body surface dirt, sediment, etc. to keep the body clean and clean, is a daily car care products. The

Common items such as: car washes, water wax, car shampoo, pre-washing liquids, soil loosening agents, neutral car washes; professional points, scorpion bird scavengers, tar scavengers, paint remover, Paint grease degreaser and so on.

2. Glass cleaning and coating products

The main purpose of the window glass automotive beauty products is to remove the dirt on the glass surface, keep the glass surface clean and reveal, reduce the visibility of the vehicle, and keep the driver's sight.

The main glass automotive beauty products include glass water, window glass cleaners, oil film scavengers, glass anti-fogging agents, glass grinding powders, glass abrasives, glass gum scavengers, and other window cleaning maintenance products.

3. Tire cleaning and nursing

The automobile tires are mainly divided into cleaning products and nursing products. The purpose is to remove the dirt on the tires, keep the tires clean and beautified, extend the service life of the tires, and enhance the safety of the tires during daily use.

Tire cleaning products include: tire cleaners, tire asphalt scavengers, tire scratch repair agents, tire silt relaxers, etc.; tire care products, tire wax, tire polishes, tire curing agents, tire care agents, etc.

4. Engine exterior cleaning and nursing

Engine care products include engine compartment cleaners, engine compartment oil scavengers, engine compartment oil emulsifiers, engine cabin curing agents, engine surface iron powder removers, engine noise insulation cotton care agents, and engine compartment polishes.

5. Plastic parts cleaning and nursing

The plastic parts cleaning and care products are mainly protected on the plastic parts of large vehicles, which can effectively prevent the aging and dull cleaning of plastic parts. The main products include plastic parts cleaners, plastic parts polishes, and plastic parts aging layers. Agents, plastic parts to protect the coating and so on.

6. Paint coating products

The paint protection and repair products mainly protect the paint and keep the paint clean and bright. The main products are basic processing products, polishing agents (coarse, medium, fine), reducing agents, degreasing agents, oil film scavenger and other products. Nursing products include resin coating products, glass fiber coating products, glass coating products. .

7. Interior Decoration Cleaning and Care

Car interior products are rich in cleaning, maintenance, odor products

Deodorization products mainly include bamboo charcoal, anti-fogging agents, photocatalysts and so on.

Cleaning products include automotive interior cleaners, interior trimming agents, interior polishes, interior coatings, leather care, leather coatings, instrument panel cleaners, instrument panel polishes, and peach wood care products.