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Car Care Products - Cleaner Category
- Jan 28, 2019 -

1. Universal Cleaner Features: Remove dirt from various glass, lacquer and metal products without damaging paint, plastic and rubber. Foam cleaner, no dripping. How to use: Spray on the surface of the unclean appliance, leave the foam for 1 min, and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Scope of application: Suitable for automotive windshield and windshield. Note: Do not wipe the foam after it has dried.

2, brake cleaner Features: Quickly remove dirt, avoid rolling noise, do not contain toxic substances, will not cause environmental pollution. How to use: Apply to the surface of the dirty parts, and wipe the dirt with a dry cloth. Scope of application: drum and disc brakes, brake pads, brake components, clutch platens, fan belts, pressured components. Note: flammable materials, pay attention to fire prevention when using.

3, the instrument panel cleaner in the car. Features: Keep the artificial leather and leather in the car, so that the dust can not be stained. It has a lemon scent, does not contain silicone, and does not damage the lacquer surface. It is also called synthetic rubber plastic glazing agent. How to use: Spray on the surface of the object and wipe with a soft cloth. Scope of application: mainly applicable to door rubber materials, leather products, such as: leather clothes, leather bags, instrument panels, other synthetic rubber and plastics in the car. Note: For flammable materials, do not spray on the steering wheel or seat support.

4, engine appearance cleaner. Features: Can remove heavy oil. Alkaline, contains corrosion inhibitor components, can quickly emulsification and decompose to remove oil, and does not corrode the body and its components. It has good water solubility, can be completely dissolved, and is easy to rinse with water without leaving residue. How to use: Dilute with water and spray on the outside of the parts and oil stains, rinse with a proper amount of water, and wipe with a soft cloth. Scope of application: Applicable to parts such as engine exterior and chassis Note: Alkaline, must be diluted with water and used.

5, engine cleaner Features: remove grease dirt, waste oil and useless acidic compounds. How to use: Use after the engine has cooled down. The mouthpiece is allowed to penetrate completely 2 minutes after the engine and its surroundings, and then washed with tap water. After drying, spray "engine paint protectant" to clean. After washing, if the engine cannot be started due to damp, use “Super 6” for processing. Scope of application: engine exterior

6, valve and carburetor cleaner. Features: It can remove the carbon deposits and dirt accumulated in the carburetor, valve and valve seat, improve the smoothness of engine intake, avoid unnecessary power consumption, restore the original compression ratio of the cylinder and reduce the production of CO. How to use: Add this product before refueling, the ratio is 1%. Scope of application: All automotive engines and carburetor-type internal combustion engines. Note: It is flammable, but it does not contain lead, cadmium, polychlorinated biphenyls, alcohol and other harmful compounds, and will not cause environmental pollution.

7, water tank rust cleaning agent Features: remove the tank fouling, rust stains, mud deposits, to achieve the effect of rust removal, cleaning. A can of 150 mL of descaling detergent can dilute about 12 L of water. How to use: Use the water in the front tank. Then inject water and this product. Let the engine idle for 20 minutes, drain the water tank into the clean water, and add "water tank thermostatic leak preventer". 8, hub cleaner Features: can effectively remove oil stains, oxidation spots on the hub, and clean the glazing. This product is weakly acidic, but it has no corrosive effect on wheels and tires. How to use: Spray the cleaner on the car wheel and wipe it with a soft cloth. Scope: All car wheels.

9. Multi-functional cleaning softener Features: It can clean and renovate all parts of the car interior and trunk. Strong detergency, especially for velvet and carpet surface can be clean, smooth, reducing coloration and sterilization. How to use: Spray the appropriate amount of cleaning agent with a sprayer or hand to the area to be cleaned, and wipe the cleaning area with a dry cloth.

10. Heavy oil cleaning agent Features: A powerful, emulsifiable solvent-based heavy oil cleaning agent that effectively removes heavy oil from automotive engine parts and equipment and equipment. The special ingredients contained in this product can shrink the dirt into micelles. The micelle particles are quickly separated from the adherent and can be easily rinsed with water without secondary pollution. It can absorb 6 times its volume of oil, so it can be reused and has no corrosive effect on all parts of the car body. How to use: Spray the product on the oil stain, rinse the formed micelles with water, and then dry with a cloth. Scope of application: Mainly used for the bottom of automobile engine parts and automobile chassis.