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Car oil replacement cycle
- Sep 22, 2018 -

1. Usually, domestic manufacturers require the owner to replace the oil once every 5, 000 kilometers or half a year, and some brands may require 7, 500 kilometers or half a year. These data are clearly hard and fast, and do not take into account actual vehicle use, so manufacturers will be as early as possible in order to guarantee vehicle safety (as well as profit).

2. If you buy the oil for maintenance, the oil change period is determined according to the oil type. Usually, the mineral oil needs to be replaced for half a year or 5000 km, the semi-synthetic oil is half a year or 7,500 km, and the fully synthetic oil is half a year or 10000 km.

3. It is important to note that if your vehicle has long been at the operation condition of the low speed over short distances, such as road traffic jam driving for a long time in morning and evening rush hours, and are within 10 km mileage, this condition is easy to produce more carbon deposition, it is recommended that you will maintain the oil change period in advance 20%, namely advance mineral oil to 4000 kilometers, half a synthetic engine oil to 6000 kilometers ahead of time, total synthesis engine oil to 8000 kilometers ahead of time