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Car perfume accelerates volatilization tips
- Jul 26, 2018 -

1. Speed up the volatilization speed of the fragrance Most car owners have the experience to place or sprinkle the fragrance on the vents of the air conditioner. The flow of the airflow will make the fragrance of the fragrance fill the car in a short time, and the effect of removing the odor is also good. For liquid perfumes, you can also sprinkle a small amount on the handkerchief, and then hang it in the vents, the effect is not bad.

2, the fragrance type replacement and rehydration have to pay attention to When you need to change the fragrance type, you should not only withdraw the original fragrance, but also try to make the original fragrance exhausted. It is best to replace it when you are in the car. Don't choose to change it in front of the car or on the road. Otherwise, after mixing the two different fragrances, it will not achieve the desired effect of the fragrance, but sometimes it will make the occupant feel uncomfortable. Even when it is serious, it will affect the driver's emotions, thus affecting driving safety.  

3, pay attention to check the shelf life of the fragrance Always use the long-lasting fragrance to check the period of use. If it expires or is about to expire, it should be discarded immediately; otherwise, it will not achieve the desired performance, but will become a source of pollution inside the car.  

4, choose high quality fragrance The brand-type car fragrance, the outer packaging is more stressful, whether it is the packaging material or the printing process quality is better, the workmanship is exquisite, and the inferior car perfume is the opposite. Of course, the outer packaging of some inferior fragrances is quite beautiful, so smelling is the key means of identification. Inferior scented products are inferior spices, and the formula is not accurate, so the smell is mostly strong, or boring. The high-quality fragrances are made of the finest spices, and the precise formula is used, so the fragrance and the fragrance are strictly matched, the light type is refreshing and pleasant, and the strong fragrance type is not strong.

The pros and cons of car perfumes also have obvious differences in the length of use: good liquid-type fragrances can be used for more than half a month, solid-type fragrances can be used continuously for about one month; and inferior liquid-type fragrances can be used at most. In one week, the solid fragrance was used in less than two weeks.