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Car perfume daily use four safety knowledge
- Aug 05, 2018 -

Cool summer with lemon flavor, lavender flavor perfume The first principle of using car perfumes in summer is that the taste should not be too strong. It is best to use a neutral, lighter perfume. You should know that if the taste is too strong, once it is exposed to the sun, the taste will be more irritating, often contrary to the original intention of buying perfume. However, this does not mean that any fragrance is suitable for being placed in the car. Especially lemon-flavored perfumes, most of which are acidic. They are distributed in the air-conditioner evaporator. Once they are mildewed, they are more likely to produce odor. At the same time, even if the individual likes the smell of lavender, it should not be used in the car in the summer, because lavender has a strong sleeping effect, which will reduce the sensitivity of the owner when driving, which makes people sleepy. Industry experts suggest that mint-flavored perfumes can eliminate the drowsiness caused by summer driving, which is more appropriate.



Metallic packaging perfume should not be placed above the dashboard Summer sun is more intense. If you have the habit of putting perfume on the dashboard, then when choosing a perfume, it is recommended not to choose a packaging that is too metallic, because it may reflect sunlight into your eyes, which may easily lead to I can't understand the road ahead. At the same time, pay special attention to some strange shapes of perfume bottles, will it be easy to form a light focus, so as not to cause an explosion caused by prolonged exposure. In addition, if you drive faster and have more brakes, it is recommended to choose a flatter perfume to avoid unnecessary trouble when driving. It must be reminded that there is no perfume around the airbag, and it is dangerous in the event of an accident.


Spray type car perfume to put storage box Unlike perfumes that are sprayed on the skin, there are many ways to disperse car perfumes: first, liquid type, which absorbs the essence mainly through a sliver inserted into the bottle, and then is emitted in the air, and some are gel-like. Directly through the small hole in the bottle mouth; followed by a spray type, need manual spraying, the ability to odor is very strong, but the volatilization speed is also very fast; again is a venting type, can only be suspended in the car air conditioning ventilation On the mouth, spread through the wind. However, it is worth noting that the spray-type car perfume can only be stored in the storage box or the trunk, otherwise it is easy to be exposed to direct sunlight, which causes the perfume bottle to burst after exposure. Remember, don't put the home fragrance in the car. The fragrance of the household fragrance is usually five times that of the car perfume. Be careful that the body is hurt because the fragrance is too heavy.