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Car perfume seat
- Oct 21, 2018 -

As an important part of the car interior, the bottle is the first to contain the car perfume bottle to remove the smell inside the car, the main function is to hold the perfume. Later, he slowly focused on its decorativeity, from the original metal car perfume seat to the development of the mid-term smashing crystal car perfume seat, to today's cartoon car perfume seat.


How to choose a good perfume seat

With the proliferation of cars in the market, car perfume seats have gradually grown in the market, and because of the low production threshold of car perfume seats, it has also promoted the cottage fake products in the market.


The first is to look at the color of the perfume and outsourcing.

The original color of the perfume is mainly light yellow. This is because the original color of the flavor and fragrance is also so monotonous, and the visual stimulation of the person is not strong enough to achieve the effect of "good looking". Therefore, the perfumer borrows the concept of color in the painting and introduces the colorful colors into the car perfume to mobilize the facial features other than the sense of smell to appreciate the beauty of the perfume, in order to truly achieve its "pleasing eyes."


Second fragrance is good

The selection of the scent type can be expressed in four words: sweet, clear, fresh and quiet. Nature has originally produced many substances with specific tastes, most of which are not perfect. People can't meet people's requirements very well; and with the progress of the times, people's demands are constantly improving, so there are artificial fragrances, and they want to make the fragrance more perfect. The spices of these various flavors are carefully prepared by scientific methods of fragrance, which is much better than a single natural fragrance, which is the kind of fragrance that we want people to like. In the natural taste of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and even stinky, people believe that sweetness is the favorite fragrance of people. Even the baby just after birth knows this. However, the sweetness of the white sugar and sugar cane is not so good, but the sweetness of the flower or the fruit, or the fruity and floral, the bean and the floral It is expensive, so the fragrance we call it sweet and fragrant.


The third is strong penetration

The so-called "transparency" is the ability of the aroma to penetrate the air. We see a lot of perfumes in the perfume market. You can smell the perfume when you put your nose close to the bottle, but if your nose is one meter away from the mouth of the perfume, you will not smell the perfume. This is The reason for the lack of penetration is strong. Car perfumes must have a strong penetration, otherwise you will not smell. There are fewer car perfumes on the market that require such strong and powerful, and you need to carefully select them. Fragrance fragrances have recently used several highly radiant fragrances.


The fourth is to stay fragrant

The quality of the fragrance is a key part. The low-priced, low-cost perfume will not last long, because the fragrance is expensive and the low-grade perfume can't afford it. High-end perfumes are expensive, which is the main reason. There is another saying about the fragrance of car perfume, because the fragrance of the car perfume itself is second, mainly to control the volatilization of the perfume to extend the use time.