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Car perfume style introduction
- Jul 15, 2018 -

As the absolutely bright flowing landscape in the car, the car perfume has undoubtedly attracted the attention of the majority of riders. But what kind of car perfume should be chosen, and what kind of car perfume to choose in what season. Under what circumstances can different styles of car perfumes perfectly reflect their value? Let's take a look at some of the biggest car perfume styles.


 The effect of car perfume

It is also possible to "distribute" different effects to the riders through different fragrance types. Car perfume is a preferred product to improve the car's air environment, in addition to a pleasant fragrance. Car perfume can not only smell "fragrance" more effective, professionals said. It is not advisable to use a lavender fragrance, when the rider is driving. Because this taste is too sweet, it is easy to cause sleepiness and affect the safety of driving. Also. For example, the rich herbal scent, fresh green tea scent and sweet apple scent are suitable for car owners who like to smoke in the car. The choice of perfume mainly depends on the owner's hobby. These scented perfumes can effectively remove the smell of smoke; while some of the sweet flowers and scent of the cool herbal scent are suitable for some car owners who have too much work pressure and fast pace of life, and can play the role of calming the spirit. 


Season of car perfume

The first thing to follow when purchasing a car perfume by season is that the taste is not too strong. After the sun, especially the perfume used in summer. A strong perfume. The smell is more irritating and runs counter to the original intention of buying perfume. Car perfume purchase should also pay attention to the season distinction. 


Second. Liquid perfumes are usually placed in glassware, and in the summer, solid perfumes are mainly purchased. Solid perfumes are not very beautiful. The sun is baked for a long time and it is easy to explode. Also. It lasts for a long time and emits slowly. In the case of summer sun exposure, it can be used for one and a half months to two months. Liquid perfume is richer than solid perfume. It is not a problem for three or five months in winter. It is recommended to use liquid perfume in winter. The development of the car perfume industry is getting faster and faster, and the brand is also more. It is recommended that the riders choose the big brand and high quality products when choosing the car perfume.