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Car perfume tips
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1. Speed up the volatile speed of automobile perfume

Most owners have such experience, put the car perfume or sprinkled on the air conditioning vents, use the flow of air, car perfume fresh scent for a short time will be full of the car, remove odor effect is very good also. For liquid perfume, also can asperse small amount on handkerchief, hang in ventilated air outlet next, the effect is good also.

2. The change and rehydration of automobile perfume fragrance are particular about

When you need to change perfume model, want to remove not only original car perfume, make the perfume of original car perfume disperses as far as possible even. Otherwise, the mixture of two kinds of different types, not only should have the effect of the short of car perfume, even have the opposite effect, sometimes occupant discomfort, seriously affect the pilot, which affects the driving safety.

In addition, when you buy a favorite bottle of car perfume, after exhaustion still cannot let go of the bottle, how to do, at this time added fluid to make great achievement. Not only is it cheaper to buy a refill, but it's also convenient to change the fragrance.

3. Pay attention to the warranty period of automobile perfume

Use perfume of car of long time should notice often check its use deadline, once expire want to stand however discard. Otherwise, it will not only fail to achieve the proper efficiency, but also cause pollution in the car.