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Car perfume tips
- Dec 17, 2018 -

1. Speed up the evaporation rate of car perfume

Most car owners have the experience to put or sprinkle car perfume on the air vents of the air conditioner. With the flow of air, the fragrance of the car perfume will fill the car in a short time, and the effect of removing the odor is also very good. For liquid perfumes, you can also sprinkle a small amount on the handkerchief and then hang it in the vents. The effect is also good.

2, car perfume fragrance replacement and rehydration have to pay attention to

When you need to change the fragrance, you should not only remove the original car perfume, but also try to make the original car perfume aroma. Otherwise, after mixing two different fragrance types, not only can not achieve the effect of car perfume, and even counter-effects, sometimes the occupants feel uncomfortable, and seriously affect the driver's mood, thus affecting driving safety. In addition, when you buy a bottle of favorite car perfume, after using it, you still can't put it down on the bottle. What to do, then the replenishing liquid will make a great contribution. Buying replenisher is not only economical, but it is also very convenient to change the fragrance.

3, pay attention to check the shelf life of car perfume

For a long time, car perfume should pay attention to check the use period frequently. Once it expires, it must be discarded. Otherwise, it will not be able to achieve effective energy, but will also cause pollution inside the car.