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Carburetor cleaner
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Carburetor cleaner is a kind of cleaning agent. It is mainly used for the cleaning of amorphous carbon deposits and graphite-based carbon deposits on various workpieces, carburetor and engine. It can also be used for amorphous products on various catalysts. Cleaning of carbon and graphite carbon deposits.

1.Salient features:

a). Good cleaning effect on carbon deposits on various workpieces.

b). Cleaning the carbon deposit on the catalyst without any adverse effect on the properties of the catalyst.

c), can be used in the internal combustion engine, compressor, refrigeration system cleaning, no corrosion to the equipment.

S1-11 化清剂.jpg


a), cleaning

Effectively cleans the throttle and the dirt on the surface of each part of the engine;

b), in addition to carbon

Effectively remove the colloid and carbon deposits of the throttle, intake, and exhaust gas recirculation systems;

c), penetration

Can be used as a loosening agent;

d), rust prevention

Spraying on a metal surface for a certain period of time prevents corrosion;

e), energy saving

Improve start-up performance, improve acceleration, eliminate idle instability, and reduce emissions.


Immersion brushing method: Immerse the workpiece to be cleaned in the cleaning agent for 1-20 hours.

Cyclic cleaning method: Pour the carbon cleaning agent into the system to be cleaned and cycle for several hours. Take out the cleaning agent


a). Stay away from open flames.

b). stored in a cool place, sealed and stored.