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Categories of Car perfumes
- Jun 03, 2018 -

There are four major categories of car perfumes, namely seat perfumes, tuyere perfumes, pendant perfumes, and solid balms.

1) Perfume

The size of these perfumes is larger, and the design content is more varied and varied. Usually placed on the instrument panel, the box is equipped with double-sided adhesive tape or non-slip mat. With these gadgets, the perfume seat can be firmly stuck on the instrument panel, and it will not fall off when the vehicle is jolted. And we use the double-sided adhesive imported from Japan. Even if it is peeled off, it will not leave marks on the instrument panel. The seat type perfume is our traditional perfume, and more uniquely shaped perfumes are being continuously developed.

XZ-3  派克   产品主图.jpg

2) Air outlet perfume

This type of perfume is small, just clipped on the air conditioning outlet on the aroma, with the air conditioner turned on, fresh and elegant aroma with floated, a small moment in the car filled with aroma, scented every olfactory nerve. In order to prevent scratching of the tuyeres, please observe carefully that each pinch clamped on the tuyere will have a layer of protective glue to prevent it from being scratched.

CF-4  花语  产品主图.jpg

3) Ornamental perfume

Ornamental perfumes are popular styles in recent years. With the exquisite pursuit of life, more young people like to choose this type of decorative perfume. The perfume that is hung on the rearview mirror can not only dispel odor and distribute fragrance, but also can become a landscape in the car, providing you with more different driving experience.

LD-6  格调  产品主图.jpg

4) Solid balsam

Each of our XYS's balms uses imported spices. After cold pressing and distillation, we extract high quality essential oils from various natural plants such as lilies, roses, and lemons. Specially formulated and precisely formulated. High quality balm. The shape of the balsam can be large or small, and it is widely and simply used. In addition to being used to drive off odors in cars, it can also be used in hotels, bathrooms, etc. Charming and charming.

CG-1   净醛香膏   产品主图.jpg

The above four different types of perfume, we can choose according to their own preferences, no matter what kind of perfume, we are using imported pure spices, each drop of essential oils are derived from the natural plants of the top quality products, I hope every use The people are always pleasant and happy on the road.