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Characteristics and notices of various kinds of car wax
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1, scratch wax


1, with decontamination, to scratch the primer scratch, glazing function.

2, polishing and removing oxidation function.

How to use it: stick the wax on the surface and sponge back and forth.

Scope of application: car body

Caution: sponge sponge wipes vigorously as far as possible.

2. Decontamination wax


1. It has the functions of decontamination, rust removal, scale prevention and keeping brightness.

2, restore the lacquer face and the bright color of the metal surface.

How to use it: smear on the unclean surface.

Scope of application: car body.

Note: can not be used when the body is warm.


1. The light is lasting and the quality is stable.

2. Prevent the oxidation, acid corrosion and rain erosion in the paint film.

3, make the paint surface not sticky dust.

4, contains color brightly.

5. If the paint surface is contaminated with dirt, please remove it with "decontamination wax" and then apply it.

Usage: smear the surface of the body.

Scope of application: automobile body, various metal products, such as fridge and wooden products.

Note: can not be used when the body is warm.

4. Wax protection


1. Wax based.

2, remove oil and tar.

3, to prevent rust.

4, produce stable and waterproof protective film.

Usage: wash the car completely dry - shake the jar before use - spray evenly.

Scope of application: the surface and groove of the car.

Caution: not on the surface of tung oil based paint. This agent is flammable.

5. Chassis waxes

Properties: suitable for lacquer, rubber, plastic and PVC baking paint. It can prevent the corrosion of the chassis and the rubble for a long time. It can prevent the change of surface color to achieve the effect of sound insulation and rust prevention.

Usage method:

1. Wash the chassis before use and remove rust with steel brush.

2, until the condition is completely clean and free of rust, the agent can be sprayed.

3, use this agent before shaking the jar vigorously, so that the internal chemicals can be fully mixed.

4, the whole use of this agent only needs 3~8kg of air compression.

Matters needing attention:

1. This agent is flammable.

2, attention should be paid to the protection of eyes, skin and respiratory system.

3, do not use on exhaust devices, brakes and springs.

4, the use of this agent must be diluted with alcohol.

6. Coated light wax


1, this product is a high performance care type natural wax, containing Brazil palm and polycarbonate.

2, the penetration of paint surface is strong, gloss like mirror, maintain a long time, can effectively care automobile paint.

Application: apply to the surface of the body.

Scope of application: suitable for new and old car polishing after renovation.

Precautions: manual wax and machine waxing.

7. Color wax


1, divided into red, blue, green, gray, black and other five colors, that is, throwing away, saving time and effort.

2, different colors of the car using the corresponding color wax, to paint surface modification, can cover slight slight scratches.

Usage: smear the surface of the body.

Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of automobile lacquer surface.

Note: distinguish colors, otherwise there will be problems. It is suggested that you still use less.