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Choice of engine oil
- Oct 13, 2018 -

1. Select according to engine type. Depending on the type of engine, there are two types of engine oil: one is called gasoline engine oil and the other is called diesel engine oil. For general purpose oils that can be used in both gasoline engines and diesel engines, the performance of the two types of engine oil levels overlap, so the range of applicable engine oil levels is also indicated, and not applicable to all vehicles.

2. Select according to automobile usage regulations. According to the working conditions of automobile engines, appropriate oil varieties and grade should be selected. The requirements of various types of vehicles vary greatly, and the oil varieties suitable for this type of vehicles should be selected in strict accordance with the provisions in the automobile operating instructions. The working condition of petrol engine oil is related to the year of production. The working condition of petrol engine oil is more severe than that of petrol engine oil in the early years. The choice of diesel engine oil can be made according to the intensity of the diesel engine, the more severe the oil working conditions, the more requirements for the use of high grade diesel engine oil.

3. Select according to the automobile use environment. In winter, different viscosity grades of oil should be selected according to local temperature in different regions. For example, in northern winter, 5 W/30 or 0 W/30 oil should be selected. It is easy to cause solidification of engine oil when drilling under low temperature, and it is easy to cause dry friction of bearing tile due to poor oil flow during engine starting, which leads to burning tile and axle.

4. Select according to automobile grade. High grade oil is a must for high grade cars. It is worth noting that low-grade cars are not limited to low-grade engine oil. In a sense, low-grade cars need better engine oil, because there are some defects in engine design and lubrication of low-grade cars. Good engine oil can effectively make up for deficiencies in design and extend the service life of engines.

5. Give priority to domestic famous brand oil. Domestic oil is of high quality and low price (only 50%--60% of the price of imported oil), and domestic large oil refineries can produce high-grade lubricants in line with international standards, which can be safely selected.