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Classification knowledge about car perfume
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Car perfume is widely used by car owners, so how much do you know about car perfume? Here we will popularize the classification of car perfumes for everyone. Classification of car perfumes commonly used car perfumes mainly include liquid car perfumes, solid car perfumes and aerosol car perfumes.

Liquid-type car perfumes are more common. (Pendant perfume, fragrance seat, air outlet aroma) is a mixture of flavors and volatile solvents. It is thicker than solid car perfumes. It lasts for a long time and emits slowly. It is often used in various kinds. Available in art-shaped containers for 2 to 3 months.  

The solid car perfume mainly mixes the essence with some materials and then press-forms it. It is mainly used to remove some odors and can be used for about two months.    

Aerosol-type car perfumes are mainly composed of flavors or solvents. They can cover the smell of the car, such as luggage, tobacco, fish and small animal body, but the evaporation rate is extremely fast.

Car perfume and perfume classification 

The perfumes used to make perfumes are classified according to their ingredients: they can be divided into natural and synthetic spices (artificial spices). Natural spices can be divided into: 

1. Botanical: a fragrance derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, peels, seeds, resins, bark, trunks, rhizomes, mosses, etc. Natural spices are mostly vegetal. 

2. Animal Flavor: A fragrance extracted from the gonad secretions or abnormal secretions of certain specific animals. The fragrance of these spices continues to be high and is an indispensable raw material for the manufacture of spices. 

Synthetic Flavor: A fragrance that analyzes the ingredients of natural flavors and chemically extracts from petroleum. Synthetic camphor and central are all synthetic fragrances. Artificial fragrances are made by mimicking natural fragrances and are safe for humans. They are fundamentally different from highly volatile organic solvents such as benzene, toluene and tetra chloromethane. . Any fragrance is high in concentration and odor, so each spice can only be used in small amounts in car perfumes. As long as a small amount of perfume is inhaled, some even a few molecules are inhaled, and people feel very fragrant. So small amounts are safe for the human body.

The alcohol used in car perfumes is specially processed to improve the aroma quality of car perfumes. Industrial alcohol and edible alcohol have odors that are not used directly, so as long as the quality of regular car perfumes is guaranteed. The alcohol in the car perfume spreads in the air and only a small amount is inhaled by the nose. Inhalation of alcohol is equal to drunkenness, severe dizziness, and no health problems. Some people think that dizziness is industrial alcoholism, and industrial alcoholism is mainly caused by eating and touching the skin.

Although the term “perfume” can be used to refer to all types of premium perfumes, you will find that most perfumes have different concentrations at the time of purchase. The perfume contains different amounts of essential oils and the price naturally varies.  

Good quality perfume, good quality, symbol of status and status, the advantages of natural essential oils relative to chemical flavors 

1. Natural flavor 

2. Slow volatilization, long use time 

3. Natural essential oils have high medicinal value 

4 , health 

5, save money 

6, relieve fatigue, relieve nerves