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Common four types of car care products
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Car owners know how to make beauty care for their car, but many car owners don't know which car beauty products are often used in their car. Let's take a look at beauty products.

1, car beauty car wash goods, mainly vehicles to clean the appearance of goods. It is a daily car maintenance product to clean the exterior of the car and keep the car body clean and clean. Rare such as: professional points, worm carcass cockroach cockroach clearing agent, tar pitch cleaning agent, paint surface grease degreaser, car paint iron powder remover and so on.

2, glass cleaning and coating products, window glass automotive beauty products secondary purpose is to eliminate the appearance of glass dirt, increase the visibility of the vehicle, adhere to the driver's vision. Secondary glass automotive beauty products include window glass cleaner and oil film cleaner, (AMICA) Amika glass water-skiing coating, glass gum cleaning agent and other window cleaning and maintenance products.

3, car paint maintenance and repair products, secondary maintenance of car paint, adhere to the paint surface is clean and bright. Secondary products include base treatment products, polishing agents (rough, medium, fine), rejuvenating agents, degreasers, oil film cleaners and other commodities. Nursing products include resin coating products, glass fiber coating products, and glass coating products.

4, car beauty tools, used to maintain the original seat of the car or enhance the beauty of the car's environment, and the added seat cushion is called the car seat cushion. There are many kinds of products on the market, such as linen, ice silk, bamboo, jade beads, plush, leather and so on.