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Common sense of automobile perfume purchasing
- Jul 07, 2018 -

1. Car perfume introduction

Odors are a major problem for car owners and passengers, and car interiors, air conditioners and seat covers can all give off unpleasant odors. Especially in a new car, the smell also may contain toxic substances such as benzene, acetone, xylene, driving in this environment for a long time, appears to cause a decline in the body's immunity, serious even can cause cancer. Perfume of car drive off peculiar smell became the choice of a lot of people. The temperature is getting higher and hotter, and the driving room is sultry. Many friends are willing to put perfume of car inside car, can eliminate peculiar smell not only, the modelling of perfume also is diversiform at the same time, also can have adornment effect. Perfume is beautiful advocate for a person, always let a person associate with feminine downy beauty, added a few gentleness to the life of a person even. Cars are the symbol and sign of modern life, added forward for many people the courage and the power, the car and car perfume fragrance will tender resolute skillfully fuses in together, gradually penetrated the life of the people, now - to decorate her car with perfume has become a fashion.

Features of automotive perfume:

Keep the air inside the car clean, remove the odor inside the car, kill bacteria, play a role in purifying the air.

For drivers driving safety, it is able to create a in the narrow space inside the car travel.like amiable atmosphere, to keep sober and calm, which can reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

Add inside car elegant interest, now the modelling of a lot of car with sweet taste is quite lovely, besides fragrance, still very good inside car decorates small piece, lively inside car atmosphere, improve drive fun.

2. Types of perfume for cars

1) aerosol type: mainly composed of essence and container, it can cover some special odor in the car. Such as luggage odor, tobacco smell, fishy smell and small animal odor. But the volatile speed is extremely fast, often put in the container with artistic modelling, usable two to three months.

2) liquid type: liquid type car perfume is the most common type of car perfume, and more people use it. It is made from a mixture of essence and volatile solvents, which are then placed in a variety of containers with unique art forms. Generally, felt strips or filter paper strips are used as volatiles to be inserted into the container of liquid aromatizer, which is used to absorb the liquid to volatilize the fragrance.

3) solid type: solid type car perfume is mainly mixed with essence and some materials, then pressurized and shaped. The most frequently seen incense paste and fragrant beads.