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Dashboard wax spray
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Dashboard wax spray, also called instrument wax, is a kind of maintenance product specially designed for automotive leather parts, instruments, etc. It can effectively prevent the aging effects of instrument panels, car interior parts, etc., and has decontamination, anti-static, anti-UV, etc. A liquid wax for efficacy. It can restore the luster and texture of the car's leather seats, center console and interior panels, keeping it fresh and soft; the use of the tires can make the surface of the tires bright and beautiful.

The surface wax has excellent effects such as dust and rust. At the same time, the good lubricity of the surface wax prevents the surface of the object from being roughened, and the surface of the object is highly lustrous.

Dashboard wax spray.jpg

The instrument panel is the easiest to accumulate dust and has many dead ends. Before cleaning the surface of the board, first clean the dust and dirt on the surface. Use a soft cloth or a brush to brush the instrument panel, air conditioning air inlet, switch, button, etc. If the instrument panel is dirty, use a special instrument panel cleaner and wipe it clean with a clean, soft cloth. After cleaning, you can spray the dashboard spray.

When using it, about 20cm away from the object, press the nozzle to spray, then wipe the wax evenly with a clean soft cloth. When the leather seat and the instrument panel need to be polished, wait a moment after the object is sprayed with wax, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth to make it bright. When used to beautify a tire, the sludge attached to the surface of the tire should be removed first, and then sprayed with a surface wax. When used as a surface roughening or rust prevention, spray the surface wax directly.