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Do you have to use the car perfume
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Not necessarily,a lot of people buy car perfume just because it has delicate and beautiful modelling.


The distinction of car perfume and the body perfume is the alcohol content.The alcohol content of car perfume can be a bit higher,with the help of a sponge out slowly, is a continuous fragrance,and body perfume mostly is spray model or need daub, should use everyday.

car perfume 

We buy perfume to use, the key also depends on the perfume itself, after all, in addition to beautiful,what's more important is to make the car has a good environment, physical and mental pleasure, but car perfume in the domestic market is not very perfect, there are a lot of fake and inferior products.The alcohol that perfume use won't necessarily undertake processing to get pure alcohol according to standard, perfume also has a lot of it is artificial synthesis,fragrance too strong can make people dizziness and not pleasant sensation,that's bad for drivers, bad for concentration.And body perfume is plant or animal sex perfume mostly, pass reasonable dilution and mix proportion, can let a person produce happy feeling, and all perfume are to have strict industry regulation.


So, either do not use car perfume,use only those products that have a good label or a big brand, or simply use body perfume, absolute safety,but it is relatively troublesome.

Perhaps buy a wooden plug porcelain bottle, pack perfume to put on the car also can be volatilized automatically slowly,get a nice car decoration,also quite beautiful!