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Do you want any perfume in the car?
- May 23, 2018 -

Do you want any perfume in the car? 

       Nowadays a lot of people puts perfume in the car, but some of people reflects the car perfume always make them feel dizzy or disgusting, so put the perfume inside the car is good or not?

       Next, let's talk about 3 points to pay attention to.

       1. We should choose products with quality assurance as far as possible,do not buy cheap or shoddy one,and do not go for luxury blindly,try to choose the safe natural flavor products with high purity.At the same time,open the windows often and also can choose the environmental protection product without secondary pollution,such as bamboo charcoal products to remove odor.And if you use bad perfume, not only can not change the air pollution in the car, but also aggravate the air pollution in the car,the alcohol and essence in the inferior perfume is too high, the fragrance is too rich, the body produces dizziness, nausea and other adverse effects.the longer the time,the damage is more serious.

       2.Not all perfumes are suitable for the use of "car owners", especially in winter. Beware of "poisoning" with car perfume is necessary.Climate factors should also be considerate in many cases.In the cold winter or hot summer,the air conditioner is always on,and the car owner closes the car window very often,and use a little perfume to bring lasting aroma to the car.It is necessary to choose a car perfume with high volatility or choose a light fragrance perfume, so as to remove the difference of air conditioner timely and effectively;In other seasons, we can choose the favorite flavor from the owner's interest.

       3.Everybody only care about the style and fragrance of perfume,and ignoring the placement of it, so many people are placed at random.in fact,the perfume bottles should be placed under the center of the wheel,and should not be placed in front of the co-pilot position, so that you can avoid unnecessary damage to the driver when the brakes are on.

        Good perfume not only can play the role that decorates a car, but also can adjust the smell inside the car effectively, create a pleasant driving environment for the car owner.However, there are a lot of fake perfume on the market. Long-term absorption can cause people’s dizziness and other symptoms.Not only affect our mood, but also affect the health.To be frank,we are a very professional manufacture specialized in all kinds of car perfumes ,including car air freshener,hanging perfume,car vent clips and gel perfume.If there is any requirement,please feel free to contact us.