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Engine carbon cleaning agent
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The engine carbon cleaning agent is compounded with various additives such as high-efficiency surfactant, builder and corrosion inhibitor. The appearance is colorless and transparent liquid. When used, it is diluted with water at a concentration of 3-6%. The cleaning agent has a strong washing ability for various oils such as mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils.

Product performance and use

1. It is suitable for degreasing cleaning of automobile parts. After cleaning, it is bright as new, keeping the original brightness of metal materials.

2. This product is a neutral cleaning agent, which can quickly remove the oil stain on the metal surface.

3. The cleaning agent has strong ability to remove carbon deposits from the engine, can replace gasoline, kerosene and organic solvents, is used for automobile engine cleaning, saves petroleum resources, and does not have the harm of organic solvent toxicity to the human body.

4. The cleaning solution prepared with the degreaser is even and transparent, without suspension, precipitation, and hard water resistance.

5, the amount is small, complete dissolution, long service life, no residue, easy to rinse, no corrosion on the substrate.


1. Adjust the concentration of the cleaning solution according to the light weight of the oil. The cleaned parts should be rinsed clean.

2. Remove the oil on the surface of the bath in time to avoid secondary pollution.

3. Regularly add 1% to 3% of cleaning agent every day. If the cleaning ability cannot be reached after the supplement, the new liquid can be replaced.

4. Do not allow this product to come into contact with your eyes. If you accidentally splash into your eyes, lift your eyelids and rinse them off with running water or saline.

5, in order to prevent excessive skin degreasing, wear chemical resistant gloves when handling.