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How do you choose the right car freshener for your car
- May 30, 2018 -

Types of perfume

Car perfume can be divided into four types by type: solid, liquid, aerosol and jelly. Four types of car perfume, although can make the air inside the car lasting fresh, have its own effect. But its advantages are different. First of all, liquid perfume is put in vitreous container, put in car, although perfume is beneficial from bottle mouth, but after long exposure to the sun may appear blast wait for danger. And solid perfume, though placed in a car don't have to consider possible exposure to the sun for a long time there will be potential safety hazard, but its relative to other types of perfume fragrance, lighter, too traditional. The perfume of aerosol type is particularly easy volatilize, use effective time is short. And the placement position is quite simple, can only be placed in a fixed outlet position. At present, more popular jelly - type car perfume, strong fragrance, and do not need to consider splash, explosion and other safety hazards, so more popular.

Perfume style

Car perfume also has its own style. Take a very typical example, male and female automobile perfume perfume type is a typical representative. For example, men tend to use cologne more often, while women tend to use cologne more often. Want to choose the car perfume that suits him to use according to the style that oneself like. At the same time want to consider the good or bad quality of perfume, and cannot covet cheap and choose the inferior perfume that is harmful to the owner's body. In order to avoid bad perfume strong and pungent perfume essence smell too pungent, time is long, cause uncomfortable feeling.

Perfume smell

Car owner is in go out to work, travel drive process, unavoidable meeting feels travel fatigue, need to rest well. And the sweet and fragrant perfume such as lavender has the effect of calming down and promoting sleep. So if you are traveling, you can use lavender fragrance when you are tired and need to rest along the way. And when driving at ordinary times, need to have clear mind, cool mint and fresh sweet fruit fragrance, flower can make a person dewy and refreshing, have the effect that refresh the brain. Help dissipate the fatigue of car owners and create a comfortable and safe driving atmosphere.


Choose different types of perfume according to the season

Four different categories of car perfume, also according to the different weather of each season in spring, summer, autumn and winter, are recommended. For example, the summer weather is very hot, fresh and elegant solid balm not only beautiful appearance but also in high temperature will not quickly volatilize. Winter, then suitable for the use of liquid art modeling vessels with the use of perfume. Upgrade the car environment class, and fragrance spread quickly, lasting fragrance.


Perfume appearance dazzling array of car perfume, not only aroma has different, design appearance also has pattern. Car owner can choose the perfume of fashionable exterior according to oneself be fond of and consider whether to coordinate with car adornment style. But should also pay attention to when the choice not to choose the perfume that appearance on the sharp edges and vessel, so as to avoid the event of accident, the sharp edges and vessel will indirectly become a threat to its own security.

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