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How long does it take to change the power steering oil?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The power steering oil is a special liquid that ensures the normal and flexible use of the steering wheel of the car. It affects the driving feel and the steering force of the driver. Do not miss the inspection when you are doing maintenance on the car. Then, how long does the steering booster change? Good once?

The inspection procedure for the steering power of the car is somewhat similar to the oil detection. If your car is powered by electric power steering, you don't need to add it. During the common car process, the owner can judge whether the oil is losing money by the liquid level. The normal power steering oil is generally transparent and the color is reddish. If the color is turbid and black, it indicates that the quality is problematic or the use time is too long. This should be replaced.


Automobile steering oil replacement cycle:

1. The car has been completely replaced in 2 years or 40,000 kilometers.

2, should be tested every six months, the loss needs to be replenished in time.

Understand the replacement cycle of the steering assist oil, and then continue to understand how to replace the steering assist oil yourself:

1. When you are ready to replace the steering booster oil, you should first drive the car and suck the original old oil.

2. After the old steering assist oil is sucked clean, inject new steering assist oil, then turn the steering wheel back and forth to allow the new oil to penetrate and also play a role in cleaning. However, experts reminded that the purpose of the steering wheel is to discharge the old oil in the steering gear, but do not kill the steering wheel for a long time, otherwise the oil pressure will be too large and the steering oil will be sprayed out.

3. Next, suck the oil in the booster tank again, then inject new booster oil, then repeat the second step above and turn the steering wheel again.

4. The suction oil is sucked away again, so the repeated operation is mainly to clean up the old booster oil, and then inject new oil. Another point to note is that no oil can be mixed.

5. After injecting new booster oil, you will hear a slight “hula” sound when you drive the car. It doesn't matter. This is the oil circulating, and it will slowly return to silence. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to drive the vehicle for a long time, otherwise the booster pump will be destroyed.

Note on replacing the steering assist oil yourself:

1. Pay attention to the replacement of the old steering booster oil that cannot be discarded at random. It should be placed in a closed container and handed over to a professional recycling company for proper disposal.

2. Pay attention to safety when replacing the steering booster oil! Be sure to take necessary protective measures. If it is contaminated, it should be cleaned immediately! Because the steering assist oil has certain corrosiveness, especially for paint and human body.