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How long should the oil be replaced?
- Oct 05, 2018 -

It's time to change the oil cycle or the mileage to 5,000 kilometers.

General mineral oil is used for half a year, semi-synthetic oil is used for nine months, total synthetic oil is used for a year.

When the oil is opened and added to the engine, the oxygen in the air will react with the additives in the oil after a period of time, no matter whether the engine is running or not. As a result, the protective effect of the oil will weaken or disappear. Therefore, the oil must be replaced after a certain time.

In actual use, it should be adjusted according to the specific use situation. For example, driving at low speed, short distance, low temperature and poor fuel quality at congested intersections of cities should be reduced appropriately. If often in good road conditions, more engine work at the economic speed, which can be appropriate to extend the oil replacement cycle.