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How often does the brake fluid change
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Brake oil is an important part of the brake system, but many car owners only know to change the brake pads, but do not know to change the brake oil, know the brake fluid in time, do not know the replacement cycle, then share it today: brake How often does the oil change?

Method / step

If you don't change it for a long time, the brake fluid will become turbid, and it will gradually absorb the moisture in the air. Gradually its boiling point will gradually become lower, which will easily cause the brake to malfunction. 

The time to change the brake oil is best: 40,000 kilometers or 3 years, if the local rainy and humid weather is more, it is recommended to be 30,000 kilometers or 2 years. 

When changing the brake fluid, do not mix the oil of different brands, do not buy low-priced bargains, the suggestion is to go to the familiar 4S shop inside, the effect is reliable. 

There is also a need to identify on the spot whether the brake oil is of high quality. You can put the wire into the brake oil for an hour, then take it out to see if it is rusty. The rust is fake. The genuine oil is not. Will corrode the metal. 

Another is that the brake oil does not solidify in very cold weather. You can observe the shape of the brake oil on the spot. If it has a similar solidification phenomenon, it is a low-quality brake oil. Do not replace this type of brake fluid.

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