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How often does the car hit the wax
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Due to the environment in which the vehicle is driven and the parking place is different, the time interval for waxing should be different. Generally, there are garages for parking, vehicles that are mostly on good roads; waxes are used every January and February; vehicles parked in the open air due to wind It is best to blow the rain every month. Of course, this is not a rigid rule. When you touch the body with your hand and feel it is not smooth, you can wax again.

car wax

How to make handmade wax?

Hand waxing is easy. When hand waxing, first apply a proper amount of car wax on the sponge (special waxing sponge) and then apply it in a straight line in a certain order. Each application should have a degree of overlap of 1/5-4/5 with the upper application area. Prevent leakage.

What are the main functions of hard car wax?

Emphasize the effect of glazing protection. After the vehicle has used the solid wax, the paint surface forms a high-gloss protective film to prevent the paint surface from aging.