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How to buy a premium perfume seat
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Nowadays, when the majority of car owners choose a high-end car seat, they should not only consider the fragrance type, but also consider the style, color, material, size and other aspects.

In order to prevent being cheated, buy counterfeit and shoddy goods, and choose a truly high-end car perfume seat, the following is to introduce to you, several knowledge points about the purchase of high-end perfume seats:

 The first is to look at the appearance. Observe whether the perfume seat packaging is clean, complete, new, name, registered trademark, place of origin and so on. At the same time, it should be matched with the style of the whole car and the preferences of the owner.

The second is to look at the liquid state of the perfume. Observe whether the perfume liquid is clear and clear, without precipitation, turbidity and suspended matter.

The third is to look at the color of the perfume. The color of the perfume is more yellow, light yellow and purple. Yellow indicates noble, warm, warm, and power, while purple shows mystery, elegance, and romance. Other colors are rare. The color of the perfume should be soft and should not be too bright and glaring.

The fourth is to look at the seal of the perfume. Since the perfume is a volatile liquid, and the liquid is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air, the method of requiring a high sealing property is very simple, and the perfume bottle that has never been opened is close to the test, and there should be no aroma. Open the perfume bottle, then cover it tightly, pause for a while, smell it again, and it should be fragrant, indicating that the cap is tight and leak-free.

The fifth is to look at the aroma of perfume. The aroma of the perfume should be pure, rich and aromatic, secretive, with no pungent odor. It is recommended that car owners choose car perfumes according to their gender, preferences, personality and the purpose of using car perfume. Long-term drivers can consider choosing a refreshing scent, and the mint-flavored scent can eliminate fatigue and drowsiness during driving. The high-quality perfume is not only beautifully produced, but also has a long-lasting fragrance. It also kills bacteria and removes odors. Some chemically synthesized high-grade spices are more expensive than naturally synthesized spices. Good car perfumes are mainly fruity, floral, and medicinal. Inferior products will not smell when used for a short time, and the odor cannot be compared with high-quality products. Some perfumes, their ingredients will cause different degrees of stimulation to human organs, especially the respiratory system. If you buy a bad perfume, it may cause secondary pollution in the car, so it is recommended that consumers use safe products with higher purity.