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How to buy car perfume
- May 14, 2018 -

People want to use perfumes. Nowadays cars use perfumes. How do you pick the right perfume for your car?

Car perfumes generally go to the fragrant shop to buy, do not buy the kind you directly smell, but must smell the flavor that has been sprayed on the fur or paper to determine the desired flavor. If you are a private car owner, recommend the orange perfume, this perfume can refresh.

Some car fragrances are used to eliminate odors, while others are used to keep the brain awake, while others are used to keep them happy. If you want to remind drivers to maintain a balance of mind while driving, you may wish to pick a calming effect of the fragrance, such as the cool herb fragrance, pleasant Gulong scent, mint scent, fruit scent, sweet floral scent, These tastes are refreshing.

Like the perfume that is used daily in the body, car perfume can be divided into male and female. Women are more suitable for lemon and apple aromas; men are more suitable for natural, cologne, and amber flavors, which are more acceptable when driving.

Different perfumes are also selected in different seasons. For owners who like to drive by themselves, before long-distance travel, especially in the spring where they can easily sleep, they should try to avoid choosing sweet, drowsy people. Do not smell too much perfume in the car in the summer. Because the perfume evaporates quickly, select a light scent on hot days to avoid irritation. In winter, you can choose to refresh your mind.

Some of the more exotic scent, such as the scent of wood that makes people feel the forest atmosphere, it emits woody aromas. Generally the scent of the roots and stems of pine and cypress and other plants is long-lasting and subtle, and there is an elegant, transparent and ethereal fragrance. Marine series, some foreign perfumes, can even bring you a sense of speed and danger from the perfume.

In addition, if your car often air conditioning, then it is best to choose a strong volatile car fragrance, in order to remove the odor of air conditioning.