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How to buy motor oil?
- Sep 15, 2018 -


The following four factors should be paid attention to when choosing automobile oil:

The selection of engine oil should be made according to the requirements of the engine. It is not necessary to use too advanced oil on the engine with lower requirements, nor to use lower oil on the engine with higher requirements.


Multistage oil should be selected as far as possible. The multi-stage oil has a good protective effect on the engine due to its saving, long life and high efficiency. Based on the characteristics of multistage oil, premature blackening may occur in the process of use, and the oil pressure is smaller than that of normal oil, all of which are normal.


The quality of a few homebred famous brand machine oil is quite good, and the price is lower than import congenial product is very much, can rest assured use, do not have necessary blindly pursue "foreign oil".


If the engine is in good condition and the seasonal temperature is low, the oil with low viscosity should be used as much as possible to keep the oil path open. If in the high temperature season or under the condition of serious engine wear, the choice of high viscosity oil is beneficial to form oil film, reduce engine wear.