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How to check the safety of the vehicle before driving
- Dec 12, 2018 -

    Every time you drive a car, you should form a good habit and check the safety condition of the car carefully.

    1. Check whether the vehicle oil, brake oil, gasoline and cooling water are normal; Whether there is leakage.

    2. Check whether the braking system of the vehicle is intact and effective; Whether the air pump and air cylinder leak; Whether the tire pressure is normal; Whether the tire fastening screw is loose; Is the spare tire in good condition?

    3. Check whether the vehicle direction light, brake indicator light, light, wiper and horn are normal.

    4. Check whether the steering system of the vehicle is intact and reliable.

    5. Record the inspection status, report and repair problems in time, and prohibit the appearance of "sick vehicles".

    Remember to honk your horn first in winter in case any small animals get warm on the engine.

Each vehicle must be equipped with fire extinguisher, and regularly check its expiry date, should master the use method, the warning signs of the vehicle must be carried with the vehicle.