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How to choose a car interior
- May 14, 2018 -

The jewelry is beautiful and suitable for the best

According to their own car space, and their own interest to buy some highlight features, beautiful appearance, suitable for accessories, such as sticking to the car's cool air nasal spray bottle, tissue box put paper towel box, headrest cover, etc. are very practical Jewelry, make the car more beautiful also makes the car more convenient, there is a car more comfortable life, the purchase of car accessories should also follow the applicable principles.

Car decoration in order to look good, does not block the line of sight does not affect the safety

Inside the rearview mirror, one jewelry is dropped, the plush toy is placed under the glass of the car, and various shiny accessories are affixed to the instrument panel. These are the favorite car accessories for female owners. These accessories all have the effect of shielding the owner's attention. The danger, especially when novice drivers are driving, is not very skillful. They need more sight to judge the road conditions while driving. Therefore, in the purchase of car decoration products must be the first principle of safety does not block the line of sight, to avoid accidents caused by excessive decoration of the car.

Car accessories are cleaned to avoid odors

Buying good jewelry in the car should be clean, tidy, and orderly, the car should not be placed too much, so talented people give a neat, free and fresh feeling. Car accessories should be cleaned after being placed for a period of time, especially in the summer. After the rain, it is best to get the accessories out of the car to see the sun and avoid musty smell.