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How to choose a car perfume
- Jan 06, 2019 -


Nowadays, perfume can not only be sprayed on people, but also improve their taste. Can also be used in the car, drive away the smell inside the car to keep drivers and friends awake. Because of the variety of the latest 2019 car perfume brands, it is also necessary for the car owner to carefully choose which car perfume is good, in order to decide which flavor to buy.


It is understood that car perfume products are uneven, the owner can not buy when buying. In fact, if you look closely at the appearance of the car perfume, the appearance of the regular perfume is very delicate, and the inferior perfume is rough, the quality perfume bottle mouth has a smooth feeling when it is easy to rotate, and the inferior product will have a more awkward feeling. . From the perspective of the car perfume packaging, there are often no Chinese descriptions, information about the company, and how to use the perfume and precautions on the packaging of the car interior fake perfume. The authentic information is available. Smell the smell of car perfume, the fragrance is one of the criteria for distinguishing between quality and inferiority.


In general, inferior products contain more compounds, faster evaporation, and a pungent sensation. Pure and high-quality perfumes do not have such a situation, which can bring a fresh and pleasant feeling. If the inferior perfume is exposed to the sun for exposure, the car decoration will leak after a period of time, and the color will fade to white, but the pure perfume will not appear.


The above various methods are effective methods for identifying genuine and fake car perfumes. Perhaps some car owners think that there is not much relationship between the real and the fake, and the air condition in the car can be improved. No, genuine can improve the air, it will not affect the state of the car owner, and the inferior perfume is not necessarily.