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How to choose car fragrance
- Sep 24, 2018 -

Recently, car perfumes continue to be exposed in the range of automotive peripheral products, and their attention rate continues to rise. But with the high exposure rate, the problem has gradually been exposed. The quality problem of the car perfume seat itself is worrying. The universal glass bottle of the car perfume carrier is easy to make the perfume inside it deteriorate due to uneven heat. Many car perfumes have encountered inferior containers and eventually “discolored and lost fragrance”. Car perfume is also notorious.

For those who want to buy a car perfume, there are four enlargements to identify inferior car perfume:

First, regular car perfumes are quite exquisitely packaged, while the outer packaging of inferior car perfumes is relatively rough;

Second, manufacturers of inferior car perfumes are often not labeled with Chinese, production address, date of manufacture, method of use, precautions, etc.

Third, inferior car perfumes are prone to liquid leakage after exposure to sunlight, and the color will gradually turn white, but this phenomenon does not occur in regular car perfumes. In addition, regular car perfume packaging has a formal product description, production license number, etc. Select a good car perfume should also pay attention to the style of the vehicle. The advanced car perfume has a variety of shapes. The overall principle is to pay attention to the style of the car perfume and the overall style of the car interior. The appearance of the perfume should be suitable for the design of the car itself, so as to excel the interior space and better reflect the personal taste.

Car perfume tips: Why identify inferior perfumes

At present, the automobile fragrances commonly used in the automobile perfume market mainly include three types of aerosol type, liquid type and solid type, so that the air inside the vehicle is fresh. Choosing a car perfume with excellent quality is the most important. The inferior car perfume is very harmful. Let's take a look at the harm of the inferior car perfume analyzed:

First of all, from the perspective of the outer packaging, the inferior car perfume factory name, fake address and fake production date and production batch number of "three fake" car perfume, the outer packaging work is rough, the relevant information is incomplete, more ambiguous inferior car perfume alcohol and chemistry The fragrance content is relatively high and the fragrance is too strong.

Inferior car perfumes are all car perfumes blended with industrial alcohol, which not only can not refresh the mind, purify the air, but also pollute the air inside the car, and even affect the health, causing dizziness, nausea and other adverse effects on the human body. Disease, the long-term harm to people is more serious. The industrial alcohol content of inferior car perfume is more than 75%, and it contains several kinds of spices such as musk and lemon sesame oil. The State Administration of Quality Supervision has a clear stipulation that the perfume production industry prohibits the use of industrial alcohol, because industrial alcohol contains a lot of harmful substances to the human body. The car scent not only evaporates quickly, but also has a fragrant aroma, which is prone to leakage under the sun exposure. Liquid phenomenon, the color will gradually become white or other inferior car perfume is easy to leak, and the leakage of perfume on the instrument desk lamp interior damage is also very inferior. Car perfume is often cheaper in the market, in some car friends do not understand In the case, it is easy to buy inferior car perfumes. Here, I would like to remind all the friends of the car family that the car perfume must be recognized by the regular manufacturers.