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How to choose car perfume
- Nov 05, 2018 -

High quality perfume is not only exquisite and lasting, but also can kill bacteria and remove peculiar smell. Some chemically synthesized premium spices are more expensive than natural synthetic perfumes. Good car perfume is mainly fruity, followed by fragrant flowers. Inferior products will not smell when they are used for a short time, and the smell can not be compared with the quality products. Some perfume will cause different degrees of irritation to human organs, especially the respiratory system. If inferior perfume is bought, it may cause two pollution in the car, so it is suggested that consumers should try to use safer products with higher purity. Experts suggest that usually the inferior compound product volatiles faster, the fragrance pungent, under the sunlight illumination, after a period of time the color will gradually become the white, the consumer may make the simple judgment accordingly.


Automobile perfume not only provides better decorative effect, but also can clean the air in the car and keep the fresh interior environment. It is a good car decoration. So how to choose the car perfume?


1. Follow the health principle to choose green, natural aromatherapy products. If it is imported essential oils, we must see if they can provide import documents and related quality inspection certificates. No products can be purchased.


2. Choose fragrance. If you want to remind drivers to keep a balanced mind when driving, you may choose a fragrance with calming effect, such as cool herbal fragrance, pleasant Cologne fragrance, mint fragrance, fruit fragrance and sweet flower fragrance. These fragrances can make people refreshing and refreshing, if the car is often empty. Therefore, it is best to choose the volatile flavor of the vehicle, so as to remove the smell from the air conditioner in time. At the same time, the flavor of the flavor in the summer vehicle should not be too strong. Because the perfume volatilization is fast, hot days can choose a mild smell, so as not to generate irritation, and winter can consider the refreshing flavor.


3.the style of perfume now prefer pendant or the type of air outlet, because it is more convenient, it is more convenient, of course, for the car panel area is large enough, you can also choose the seat type, but it is best to use good quality anti-skid pad, do not use double-sided adhesive directly to the perfume on the dashboard, and also pay attention to follow. Vehicle appearance as far as possible to match and coordinate.