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How to choose the car freshener in hot Summer?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The hot summer has not only made it difficult to travel, but also brought troubles to driving. Many car owners will choose the car perfum in summer to disperse depressing and boring inside car atmosphere, build a kind of comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. But also have a lot of car owner to have doubt, how to choose the car perfume in hot summer?

There are below 3 points

1.       It's the car perfume that needs to evaporate slowly. The summer temperature is high, perfume volatilizes quickly, the excessive consumption of car perfume may make car perfume too strong fragrance, bring bad effect instead. And car perfume volatilizes quickly, use time is short also, increased economic expenditure undoubtedly.

2.       The better car perfume use in summer better in light sweet. Summer high temperature, suggest owner chooses the perfume of fruit and plant kind as far as possible, wait for perfume such as lemon sweet, apple sweet. Strong scent will bring a tension, warm division, not suitable for summer use.

3.       The car perfume chooses should accord with individual grade and style. When choosing car fragrance, according to the gender of car owner and age different, the perfume that chooses car also has different aspect.