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How to choose the right car perfume
- Aug 13, 2018 -

In general, when the owner of the car faces this variety of car perfumes, it seems that there is no way to start. In fact, it is not difficult to choose a car perfume. The selection of any kind of product will have its own unique way. As long as you understand, it is guaranteed that you can pick the right product very quickly.

1, appearance 

After choosing the right type, for the appearance of the perfume, remember to put driving safety first. Don't choose the bottle neck and corner is too obvious, with a convex lens design, at the same time pay attention to the perfume style to be consistent with the car interior style, otherwise it will appear awkward and destroy the taste. 

2, the fragrance 

The perfume in the car should not be too strong, and long-term drivers can consider choosing a refreshing fragrance. It is recommended that car owners choose car perfumes according to their gender, preferences, personality and the purpose of using car perfume. The flavor of the summer car should not be too strong, so choose a lighter smell. 

3. Regular products 

The high-quality car perfume has a long-lasting fragrance and can kill bacteria, and the workmanship is also beautiful. Inferior car perfume will cause secondary pollution and pose a threat to the health of the car. It is recommended to have a formal product description, a production license number and relevant department certification. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the raw materials of perfumes. It is best to choose products that use natural raw materials. Chemical synthetic products are harmful to people's health. 

 4, price awareness 

Especially for automotive essential oil products, if it claims to be pure essential oil, then you must keep one more eye, because the price of pure essential oil is very high, generally too low price, the salesperson said that the ceiling must be vigilant. 

5, identify the authenticity

1). See if the package is printed clearly, whether there is a clear company name, address, telephone number, shelf life, barcode, product description, production license number, and the certification of the quality supervision department. If all is foreign, please keep your eyes open. 

2). The appearance of regular perfume is exquisite, while the appearance of inferior perfume is relatively rough, the mouth of high-quality perfume is smooth and smooth, while the inferior quality is more sturdy. 

3). Pure, high-quality perfume does not contain methanol and ethanol alcohol, the concentration does not change much, can bring a fresh, pleasant feeling. Inferior perfume products, fast evaporation, pungent scent. 

4). Inferior perfume is prone to liquid leakage after exposure to sunlight, and the color will gradually turn white. This phenomenon does not occur in pure perfume.