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How to determine the alcohol content in a car perfume?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

When choose and buy, want to judge the alcohol content of a bottle of car perfume, the simplest method is to try smell, can smell alcohol odour strongly, the alcohol contained in this car perfume is more or worse. If it's an alcoholic product, the smaller the alcohol, the better from a non-explosive standpoint. Of course, not all perfumes and ointments contain alcohol, and high-quality brand perfumes and essential oils are non-alcoholic.

The negative report that concerned car perfume flammable before, it is the cup that place of inferior perfume that is unknown almost, this more or less and the composition that perfume contains alcohol. Regular car perfume using the environment temperature for the guidance of the < 50 , the summer heat is one of the causes of explosion perfume, but not enough to explode a single condition, even under the high temperature still need to combine multiple explosion limit conditions will start. If the owner is worried about the safety of liquid car perfume, it is safer to choose solid car perfume and perfume.