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How to dispel the peculiar smell in the car
- Sep 03, 2018 -

There are many sources of peculiar smell in the car, mainly including:

1, new car leather, interior decoration and other harmful gases;

2. Odor caused by mold in the car, such as fruit and desserts accidentally dropped in the corner of the car, rotting and mildewing. Sprinkled drinks or wet seats and carpets due to rain leakage have also become breeding grounds for mold. There are shoes and clothes that have been left unused for a long time in the rear compartment, which will give off an unpleasant smell. When the air conditioner is turned on, these peculiar smells will circulate and spread along with the airflow in the car to find new places for mold growth. Especially in the instrument panel, there is a dark and humid environment around the evaporator of the air conditioner, and it is difficult to have a dry time, so it becomes a gathering place for mold. After a long time, as long as the air conditioner is turned on, there will be a steady stream of musty odor rushing out and people will mistake it for something wrong with the air conditioner.

3. Tar smell in ashtrays is also one of the sources of pollution, mixed in cars and evaporators. Over time, the smell will become more strange and more unbearable.

4. It should be noted that most car owners like lemon - flavored perfume seats, and most of these perfumes are acidic and tend to go mouldy and deteriorate after being sent out to the evaporator of the air conditioner. This is why the use of these perfume seats will backfire and deepen the peculiar smell after they have a peculiar smell. If you like perfume very much, it's better to choose the neutral and light type.

Therefore, if you want to eliminate the peculiar smell, you need to thoroughly clean and tidy the inner compartment, and the instrument panel and the air-conditioning evaporator are the key points. In fact, the task of removing peculiar smell can be replaced by three words: cleaning, cleaning and drying. Cleaning refers to tidying up the car and the rear compartment, and try not to put shoes, clothes, dirty rags and so on in the car for a long time. The glove box, ashtray, etc. should be cleaned regularly. When smoking in the car, the air conditioner should be closed and the window opened. If the car is parked in the sun, the temperature inside the car will be as high as about 60 degrees, so food and fruit should be taken away in time. If you develop a good habit of cleaning up, you will stay away from bad smell. Cleaning mainly refers to carpet or flannel seat masks, which must be cleaned in time when they are stuck with mud, drink or rain water, because such materials are difficult to dry and easy to breed mold and spread. When they become dry and have no mildew smell, the peculiar smell has already been transferred to the air-conditioning evaporator, where it takes root and sprouts. If the water inside the seat becomes wet, it is better to remove it entirely and put it back into use after drying in the sun. Timely cleaning will eliminate the source of odor infection, and if there is no humid environment, mold will have no place to hide. Therefore, drying can prevent the occurrence of peculiar smell, and this method can also be used to remove the existing peculiar smell. Drying mainly refers to using the heating function of the car air conditioner to wash the evaporator of the air conditioner with the circulating airflow of the air conditioner while drying with the hot air of the air conditioner. In this way, the purpose of deodorization can be achieved without disassembling the instrument panel and the air conditioning system.