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How to fix a car fire extinguisher
- Dec 04, 2018 -

The location where the fire stop is placed first is both safe and convenient for the owner. This is mainly to see if the owner's vehicle has a fire extinguisher strap or a trunk with a small net pocket or the like. If not, the owner can also choose to place it in the place of the spare tire or the vehicle tool to prevent it from rolling.

Even if it doesn't, the owner doesn't have to worry too much. The owner can make a fixed position, use the suction cup or cloth glue type hooks sold in the supermarket to stick to the side wall of the trunk, and the fire extinguisher can be placed in the middle. Two of the upper and lower, pay attention to the direction of each hook back to the fire extinguisher, and then use the elastic line rope or the rubber band on both sides of the hook to fix.

fire stop

However, the design of the vehicle has been greatly improved. The place where the Mercedes-Benz car is designed to place the fire extinguisher is placed at the touch of the driver. Under the driver's seat, it is convenient for the owner to be in the first place. Time can be obtained, very convenient, and this also makes good use of the space under the seat.

Of course, if there is no such car, the owner should not worry. If conditions permit, the owner can also purchase a device for fixing the fire extinguisher in the lower space of the user seat in the auto parts market, and fix the fire extinguisher in the space below the seat. Reach the effect of quick access when using.

In addition to easy access, car owners should also care about the use of car fire extinguishers and the duration of use, which is usually not used at all.