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How to identify car perfume
- May 14, 2018 -

1, from the smell to determine the quality of a good car perfume, a good car perfume is generally relatively soft, even if there is no strong pungent feeling, it smells very comfortable.

2, high-quality car perfume fragrance is pure and can be maintained for some time. The longer fragrance time, the better the quality of the car perfume (you can try a drop in the vein after purchase, pay attention to the changes in the taste and fragrance time), the fragrance time is usually 2-4 hours, perfume Should be more than 4 hours, the most powerful seemingly can reach more than 1 day? With EDT and EDP, the longer the fragrance, the better. A good perfume, coated with a drop or two, overflowed with fragrant smells overnight.

3, a good car perfume flavor divided into several levels, the first tune, the tone, after the tune.

Top note: When the perfume bottle is opened, the first fragrance we smell is the top note. It is the most volatile component of the fragrance and gives the initial overall impression.

Middle note: Middle note is the most important part, it appears with the first tune, emitting the perfume's main fragrance, sometimes called the theme tune.

After the tune: After the tune is the slowest perfume, the longest duration, is the overall part of the perfume. Each level of fragrance will have a different effect, and try to taste her!

4, health

A good car perfume should be harmless to the human body, environmental protection is non-polluting, and the materials should be taken from natural sources as much as possible. Each master's fragrance should be carefully modulated by the master. It is environmentally friendly and beneficial to the human body and harmless.