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How to identify the pros and cons of car perfume
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Car perfume can alleviate the boring atmosphere in the car and create a cool and refreshing interior space, so many car owners will choose car perfume. But at the same time, because of the demand of many car owners for car perfumes, the car perfume market has also produced a lot of counterfeit and shoddy products. The materials used in counterfeit and shoddy products are unqualified or added with various additives, and the craftsmanship can not be compared with high-quality car perfumes. There is a shoddy work. So how do you identify the quality of a car perfume after buying or buying it? 


1) Price. Natural essential oils are only 0.2% extracted from plants. The high cost leads to high prices. The natural essential oils added to high-quality car perfumes are enough, and it is impossible to have a price of only tens of yuan. What kind of perfume is the price, the owner can judge the grade of the car perfume. 


2) Look at the color. The natural essential oil is basically colorless and transparent or natural yellowish, and does not change color when it is heated at 50 degrees or higher for 24 hours. 


3) It is smell. Natural scent oil is pure and harmonious, and it has a long fragrance time. If it is sprayed on general textiles, it will last for more than 70 hours. Then pour the water. Pour the natural essential oil into clean water, and the natural essential oil will float on the clear water in the form of oil and be clearly separated from the water. The inferior perfume will be immediately merged with the water when it is poured into clean water. Then wipe the skin. Apply natural essential oils to the skin and breathe a sigh of relief. If it is a bad perfume, it will give a cold feeling because the alcohol evaporates. 


4) See if the package is printed clearly, whether there is a clear company name, detailed address, telephone number, shelf life, barcode, product description, production license number, and the certification of the quality supervision department.


5) Generally speaking, the appearance of regular perfume is exquisite, but the appearance of inferior perfume is relatively rough, the mouth of high-quality perfume is smooth and smooth, while the inferior quality is sturdier.


6) Pure, high-quality perfume does not contain methanol and ethanol alcohol, the concentration does not change much, can bring a fresh, pleasant feeling. Inferior perfume products, fast evaporation, pungent scent.


7) Inferior perfumes are prone to liquid leakage after exposure to sunlight, and the color will gradually turn white. Pure perfume will not appear.