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How to produce the Car Perfume
- May 27, 2018 -

As we know now it is popular to use the Car Perfume in our modern life. Car Perfume is widely used and had become a necessity of the public, it is unique in shape, beautiful and nice, and it is the first choice of car accessories. Generally speaking, we all know that it is an automotive interior decoration, but we don’t know that there are many kinds and unknown effects in Car perfume. How to choose Car Perfume had become our key topic. Because the quality of care perfume directly affects the mood and safety of drivers.

Hereby, we will talk about XYS Car Perfume how to produce the Car Perfume.


1) Pretreatment of Car Perfume stock solution:

Raw materials of Car Perfume production, such as plant essential oil and essence. They must be pure and free from impurities, so they should be pretreated before use, which in order to ensure the product’s clear appearance, mellow smell and mellow fragrance. General perfume in the marke are products with alcohol, essence and water, which also require the pretreatment of these three substances: Firstly, alcohol must be treated, including purification and aging. Secondly, pretreatment of essence, adding a small amount of pretreated alcohol into essence, and aging for one month to use. Finally, pretreatment of water, distillation or sterilization deionization. Sodium citrate or EDTA is usually used to remove metal ions.


2) Car Perfume or Car Air Freshener mixture

Alcohol, essence and water are put into stainless steel or enamel and tin-lined containers according to a certain proportion, stirred and mixed for a period of time, so that impurities in essence can be fully precipitated, thus improving the clarity of finished products and anti-haze in cold conditions.

3Car Perfume aging.

 Put the mixed perfume into a closed container with a safety valve for aging. Physical method and chemical method.

4)Stock solution cooling:

Perfume will become translucent of foggy when it comes to lower temperature, and it will never be clarified if it is heated again after that. So it will always be cludy.Therefore, care perfume must be frozen before filtration.


5Machine filtering:

Some insoluble substances precipitate after aging and freezing, and filtration is to ensure its transparency and clarity.

6)Car Perfume bottling and packaging

The bottom of the Car Perfume container should be cleaned with distilled water. And some gaps will be left in the bottleneck to prevent car perfume from expanding and exploding when heated in high temperature weather during storage.

7)Completed product inspection

First, visually inspect the car perfumes base or container for defects, and then use the instrument to compare the color, specific gravity, refractive index and alcohol content for detection, and the unqualified products are taken out and re-produced.


After reading the production process of Care Perfume, I believe that everyone must have a new understanding of it, and it will be easier to choose and use Car Perfume in the future.