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How to remove car smell? Car perfume and air purifier which is better?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

How to remove car smell? Car perfume and air purifier which is better?

      Whether you buy a new car or use an old one,Long - term closed cars, easy to produce a variety of odors, it is extremely unpleasant.To get rid of the smell,many owners confused car perfume and air purifier which is better.

      Now available in the market generally have car perfume liquid type, aerosol type, etc., liquid type of car perfume is more common, is another flavor mixed with a volatile solvent, long duration, slow sporadic, generally available 2-3 month. Because its price is general, appearance is beautiful, it is the first choice of car decoration.car perfume can keep car clean air, to remove the car smell, kill bacterium, purify air.Conducive to the driver's driving safety, can create a small indoor space in a pleasant atmosphere.In addition, the flavor of car perfume is diverse, the owner can choose their preferences.

      Air purification class of automotive electrical products, such as car oxygen bar, etc.,cheap prices has become a decontamination tool that often used by the owners. But its function is to release a certain amount of negative ions and ozone, No effective filtering and purification effect.

     To be frank, these products will only temporarily hide the smell of the car, instead of really positive removed. car air purifier is very good, the appearance of small drinking cup was on and about the same size, directly inserted in the car can be used. And add car perfume use, up to a fragrant overflowing effect, but should drive life.

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