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How to use a car perfume correctly
- Jun 18, 2018 -

Car Perfume Tips: Safety First.Enjoy Second 

Car perfume is now an irreversible trend, people have purchased to decorate their own cars and so on. Did you know the secret of car perfume when you chose a favorite flavor? Do you know how to use a car perfume correctly?

When you buy a bottle of car perfume, it is a good idea to put it on the front edge of the dashboard. However, it should be noted that don't put the airbag in the open position, otherwise there will be security risks. In addition, the cool air outlet is the best place for aromatics to be placed. 

The When your original fragrance has been used, but you're particularly happy with perfume bottles, refills are a good choice. You just need to add the refill solution into the original perfume bottle, it is very convenient, and the price is lower than the perfume, generally only 20 yuan, expensive is only 60 yuan. 

The If you do not like perfume, it is recommended that you choose to use fragrance or pearl. Fragrant chips are generally placed in the fragrance seat, and the fragrance seat has a great choice of space, such as the classic car, Ferrari and other car models of the fragrance seat is very delicious. The Beads evaporate slowly, the price is relatively cheap, and the color is rich, so it is also favored by consumers. As long as you like, you can put a box full of colorful, or your favorite color of the beads, in the compartment for you to enjoy. A good car perfume, like Enoch's consistent quality assurance, is not only safe and healthy, but also beautiful and stylish.